Strange days, indeed

What did you buy with your first paycheck? How have your spending habits changed – fewer new clothes and dinners out?

In New York, and WNYC’s Uncommon Economic Indicators project uncovers how New Yorkers are coping with hard economic times.

Jazzgiving started as a time for the unemployed to have lunch and talk about things they are thankful for.

And in Brooklyn, a convenience store owner says more people are buying energy drinks since the economy’s turned, to help them “feel good and work more hours.”

One thing that’s always made people feel good is rock and roll, and during last week’s Public Radio Program Directors conference in Cleveland, Ohio, Marketplace’s Tess Vigeland took time out to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and learn how rock stars have managed (and mismanaged) their earnings.

Curator Lauren Onkey talked to Vigeland about musicians like Howlin’ Wolf:

“Howlin’ Wolf’s a fantastic blues and early rock and roll singer, and he didn’t trust banks,” Onkey said. “So he demanded that he was paid before his performances and then he kept that money in his suitcase, under his chair while he played.”

View slideshow from Vigeland’s story.

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